10/15/15 Flying Changes Demo - flying changes, aids for the change, 2014 Dressage Convention - Richard Davison

Richard Davison presents a demonstration on the rider’s aids for correct flying changes.  The total running time of this two part video is 18:30.

Video Description

Richard Davison responds to a request from the auditors at the Dressage Convention by presenting a session on riding the flying change. He explains that the rider needs to prepare the trailing hind leg for the change. By having an event horse and a dressage horse perform single changes we get a chance to see just how subtle the aids can be if the horse is properly prepared. Richard begins by explaining what aids he uses for the change.

Richard Davison-UK
Richard is a four-time Olympian and has been at the fore-front of the international dressage world for three decades. As well as being among the world’s most experienced international riders he is in demand for his many other attributes. Richard has bee