10/08/15 -Dressage Is A Numbers Game, how to get every point you can, medium level training with Carl Hester and Richard Davison - M level, spooky, canter walk transition, responsiveness, in front of the leg

Carl Hester and Richard Davison help two M level riders get the most possible points out of their dressage tests.  Using your body as a forward cue. Patting your horse. Pressure release aids. Getting more expression in the trot. The total running time of this five part video is 55:30.

Video Description

The second day of the convention begins with a session where Carl Hester and Richard Davison each help a rider they have never worked with before. Each rider had won the opportunity to ride through a contest with Horse and Rider magazine. Carl begins by explaining how he works with new riders by first watching as he warms up, noticing his beautiful, light trot, and asking for more jump in the canter. Richard notes that the horse is capable of 8s on all the movements, but is dealing with some spookiness. He is specific about which hand to reward him with while working through these issues. Carl then starts to work on canter walk transitions that show some sitting. In the canter he has her do several transitions within the canter on the circle, adding lift to the back leg.

Richard Davison-UK
Richard is a four-time Olympian and has been at the fore-front of the international dressage world for three decades. As well as being among the world’s most experienced international riders he is in demand for his many other attributes. Richard has bee