1/2012, Vitor Silva-USA, Basic- FEI level, Working your horse in hand

Safety Alert! Never stand in kicking range of the horse while taping the croup or legs; stand at the side, not behind. 

Excellent demonstration from Mr. Vitor Silva on how to begin training the piaffe and passage movements from the ground. He shows you how to prepare your horse, acclimate him to the stick on his hocks, croup and legs and ensure you keep a relaxed and happy horse through this exciting developmental stage. In later Vitor Silva videos you will progress to long lines,  rider on board with helper assisting from the ground and finally to the rider giving the aids solo.


Mr. Silva, runs Sons of the Wind, School of Equestrian Arts, in Mass, USA. Please visit his website for more details.

piaffe, passage, half steps, in hand work,

Video Description

Introduction to working your horse in hand, training. This will help enhance the movements of the horse and activate the hind end. You can see them work the turn on the forehand, turn on the haunches and half pass. He emphasizes the need to keep suppling the poll while doing this work.

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