1/2011 Axel Steiner PVDS, 3-3, M Level, 3-3 ridden and critiqued walk pirouette turn vs. turn on the haunch

Axel Steiner shows us a great example of walk pirouette vs. turn on the haunches.

Video Description

See the new 2011 test, 3-3, ridden, critiqued and given instruction. See a great demonstration of the walk pirouette vs. turn on the haunches.

Axel Steiner-USA
Axel Steiner (USEF "S", FEI 5*) has been involved with Dressage all his life. As a judge and teacher for over 40 years he has been part of the growth of Dressage in the USA and in many countries around the world. He hopes to continue judging and teaching

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