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1/2009- Schaudt- PSG/S Level in English, Keeping the horse active behind, but not fast

Fantastic video for all the PSG work. Martin has the rider work on keeping the horse active and not allowing the horse to just run. They improve on the horses sitting power behind. Excellent emphasis on all the FEI level movements and how to improve the quality of everything.

Video Description

When asked to slow the tempo Martin gets Yong-Shik to think uphill. Work halt rein-back. Proper hand position. Key focus is on getting activity no matter what the frame, movement or gait.

Martin Schaudt-GER
2 time German Olympian. 2 time winner of German National Dressage Championships. Competitor multiple year, European Dressage Championships. In 1996 Martin was a member of the German team at the Olympic Games in Atlanta. Ten years later, in 2006, Schaudt