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09/2014, Nicholas Fyffe,1st level basics, Getting Your Horse More Forward

Nicholas Fyffe helps make the aids black and white.  Getting the horse more forward. Responsiveness to the aids. 

Video Description

DTO is proud to present Nicholas Fyffe as a new trainer for the website. He first works with this Conemarra and rider who pinpoint forwardness as their main thing to work on. As they get a chance to see the arena, Nicholas has them think about keeping the neck of the horse in the middle of his body and maintain the speed the rider desires by making the right speed the most comfortable for the horse. He works with her to make sure she gets a reaction to her aids. Nicholas gives an excellent description of the aids for bending.

Nicholas Fyffe - AUS
Australian Dressage Team, winner of 2007 Tri Nations Cup, Johannesburg - long listed 2008 Beijing Olympics, Prix St Georges Cup in Melbourne, Australian National Dressage Elite Squad