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09/2014 - Mary Wanless - Rider Positon, Body Awareness

Mary Wanless teaches the basics of bearing down and how body awareness is necessary in riding effectively. 

Video Description

Mary begins her private lesson with this rider by finding out what they have come to the clinic to accomplish, and then she observes them at walk, trot and canter. As they go to the trot the horse speeds up, and Mary helps her with her bearing down. Mary points out that the only way to fix her horse is to be aware of what her body is doing. She has her halt and then works with her position in the saddle, and explains how her position affects her horse. Mary explains the concept of bearing down and gives great directions on how to do it.

Mary Wanless-UK
An internationally renowned coach, and the author of the 'Ride With Your Mind' books, which have been translated into many languages. She has also authored 8 DVDs. She coaches riders at all levels, from relative novices to two of the top twelve US dressag