09/2013 - Jan Bemelmans - GP, Canter Zig Zag, Piaffe and Passage, Zig Zag Half Pass

Jan Bemelmans teaches a great lesson on the canter half pass zig zag. We have the great opportunity to watch some intense work on the zig zag, with particular attention to keeping the shoulder outside before the change.

Video Description

We join Jan Bemelmans as he is working on canter walk transitions with this pair. They next do a walk half pass to canter transition to several walk canter walk transitions making sure he is in front of the rider and asking for him to sit in the transitions. When they go to the canter zig zag, Mr. Bemelmans has them use the canter walk canter transitions when he becomes too strong. They work through issues with the canter zig zag.

Jan Bemelmans-GER
Jan Bemelmans is truly a rider/trainer with deep heart and soul for what he does! Originally from Belgium, now living in Germany. Currently the French Olympic Team Coach, after 15 years of coaching the Spanish team, helping them reach the highest level of

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