09/06/13 - Dr. Dieter Schule - Developing Horses Day Two, Session Two, Engagement , Tempies, Medium/ Extended trot

We are again fortunate to watch a session of the Judges’ and Trainers’ Forum with Dr. Dieter Schule, Gerhard Politz and Axel Steiner including essential information on engaging the hindquarters, tempi changes and the trot half pass. 

Video Description

Dr. Schule recommends that this lovely horse engage his hindquarters more, and suggests working on curved lines- circles and turns - to aid this. When they go straight ahead,they are on the second track to check for straightness. With this obedient horse he emphasizes the need for more engagement. Mr. Politz reiterates the importance of the circle, and warming up with a lower neck. He also talks about the walk and how to make it looser in the back.

Dr.Dieter Schule-GER, FEI O Judge
As O-judge, Dr. Dieter Schule has been involved in many international championships including the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen. He is one of the few judges who are educating future international dressage judges. Dr. Schule was a dressage judge fo