08/2013 - Daniel Dockx - 2nd level, Shoulder In and Collection

Danny Dockx works with a great pair with particularly good tips on the shoulder in and collection.

Video Description

Danny Dockx has watched the rider warm up before we start, and offers her great suggestions for when the horse is falling on the outside shoulder. As they trot he requires that they keep the power in the hind end while keeping him through his back. Danny works with them on going from a big trot to walk without shorter steps before the transition. The horse travels with his haunches slightly in on the long walls, and Danny has them think of moving the inside shoulder in.

Daniel Martin Dockx-ESP
Fresh from the 2012 Olympics, Mr. Dockx rides for the Spanish team. Jose Daniel Martin Dockx lives in Mijas, Spain, outside of Malaga. He has trained and successfully competed many PREs and warmbloods from start to Grand Prix. Some of his riding distincti