08/20/15 Gareth Hughes - 2nd/ 3rd level, Flying Changes

Gareth Hughes demonstrates the progression of schooling the flying change.  The total running time of this two part video is 30:15.

Video Description

Gareth Hughes describes the flying change and some of the common problems that can arise when teaching the change. He covers what skills you need to have to introduce this movement for both the horse and rider. He demonstrates his cue for a canter depart and single change, and talks about a figure eight exercise that can be used if you run into problems.

Gareth Hughes- UK
Garth Hughes has trained with many of the best, including 10 years with Carl Hester. He has produced many horses to Grand Prix, including Classic Sandman, Nurejev, Ramazzotti, Duvie and DV Stenkjers Nadonna. He has won many National and International ti