08/20/13 - Dr. Ulf Moller - 1st/2nd level, Bending and Half steps

Dr. Ulf Moller works with a pair on bend and half steps.

Video Description

Dr. Moller asks the rider for more bending in the turns by supporting the turns with the legs and keeping the hands quiet and in front. As the horse becomes fussyin the bridle, he has the rider sit the trot. It’s interesting to watch as he asks for more bend and the horse improves. He always asks for lightness when the horse accepts the rein.

Dr. Ulf Moller-GER
Dr Ulf Moller was born in 1962, he was one of the great auction riders, producing a string of very expensive horses for the famed Hanoverian Verband auction. Ulf was also the sales manager at the Hanoverian Auction stables in Verden and in 1998 he joined

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