08/15/13 - Dr. Dieter Schule - Five, Six and Seven Year Olds, transitions and straightness

Dr. Deiter Schule, Gerhard Politz and Axel Steiner conduct a Trainers’ and Judges’ forum with five, six and seven year old horses.

Video Description

On the first day of this forum, the esteemed panelist watch an outstanding six year old go through his paces. He shows great impulsion and acceptance of the bit, and they suggest working him twice a day for shorter sessions to increase his relaxation. They discuss the issue of being behind the vertical. He shows a great example of how his hind end reaches forward and under.

Dr.Dieter Schule-GER, FEI O Judge
As O-judge, Dr. Dieter Schule has been involved in many international championships including the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen. He is one of the few judges who are educating future international dressage judges. Dr. Schule was a dressage judge fo