08/08/13 - Dr. Dieter Schule - Developing Horses, Activity, Half Steps, Changes

Dr. Dieter Schule, Gerhard Politz and Axel Steiner work with two horses on the walk, half pass, changes, and half steps.

Video Description

Two horses start this session on Developing Horses. Gerhard Politz, Dr. Dieter Schule and Axel Steiner watch them warm up and offer suggestions for working on the walk. They warn against a restricting hand, and with the mare, ask for the hind legs to be swinging forward more actively with bending hocks.

Dr.Dieter Schule-GER, FEI O Judge
As O-judge, Dr. Dieter Schule has been involved in many international championships including the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen. He is one of the few judges who are educating future international dressage judges. Dr. Schule was a dressage judge fo