08/07/14 - Alfredo Hernandez -GP, Schooling for GP

Alfredo Hernandez schools this pair in Pi and Pa and one tempi changes.

Video Description

This beautiful Andalusian pair begin their session with trot work including leg yielding. Alfredo reminds them to slow the tempo and keep the haunches aligned. As she slows him and pushes him through his trot becomes better and they work on transitions within the gait. In the canter he asks for them to canter in place and then move out, ending in a canter walk transition. Alfredo explains how the canter in place is the basis for other movements. Alfredo next assists them from the ground with the pole, asking the rider to keep him straight as they go down the wall, and keep him from running forward. They work in short spurts, offering the horse the time to stretch and relax in between.

Alfredo Hernandez-USA
Piaffe and Passage specialist. Alfredo, originally from Portugal, specializes in the development of piaffe and passage training with high-level dressage horses. Alfredo says it's never too early to introduce horses to these advanced movements.