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07/2015, Nicholas Fyffe - 1st Level - Straightness and Connection

Nicholas Fyffe works with a Second Level pair on straightness and connection. The total running time of this three part video is 49:15.

Video Description

Nicholas Fyffe works with this young rider starting by asking for a consistent frame and connection in the walk. He challenges her to be precise in her free walk, and to get that walking back to the barn walk. He asks her to ride a slight shoulder fore at the walk which will help with the straightness later in the canter. They do a leg yield from center line to the wall, making sure he is moving forward before asking for a sideways movement. It is much easier moving off the left leg. They move to the trot, and Nicholas asks that the frame be longer and lower, reaching for the bit and covering more ground.

Nicholas Fyffe - AUS
Australian Dressage Team, winner of 2007 Tri Nations Cup, Johannesburg - long listed 2008 Beijing Olympics, Prix St Georges Cup in Melbourne, Australian National Dressage Elite Squad