07/2013 - Jody Hartstone - Training Level, OTTB 3 - Controlling the Walk

Jody Hartstone rides a young green OTTB mare and explains the basics of teaching the walk.

Video Description

Jody brings us a four year old mare just off the track, and explains how to deal with behaviors common with ex racehorses. When asked to stand, she is fidgety, and sometimes backs a step when asked to halt. She begins with the very basic step of asking her to stop and face forward. She points out the steps that are necessary with these talented horse at the very beginning of their training .

Jody Hartstone-NZ
Jody, shortlisted for Athens Olympics on Landioso and the 2010 WEG qualified rider for Dressage representing New Zealand, Jody teaches and lectures worldwide emphasizing her training based on scientific principles of behavioural theory. "The rider's aids