07/2013 - Christoph Hess - Training Level, bulding the foundation of training

Christoph Hess works with a young gelding and talented rider on the foundations of training.

Video Description

Mr. Hess brings us a training session with a nice young horse showing suppleness, good temperament, and good contact with the mouth. He asks that they go deeper into the corners as he shows his great basics. He has the rider use the whip either right behind her leg or on the shoulder to encourage him to move from the inside leg with improved flexion.

Christoph Hess-GER
Christoph Hess has worked for the German Equestrian Federations training department since 1978 and is presently Director of Training and Education at the German Olympic Committee. He is also an FEI Level 3 (I) judge for Dressage and Eventing. He is act