07/03/14 - Jan Bemelmans - Using the leg to to improve contact in the hand

Jan Bemelmans, the current French Dressage Team Trainer, brings his vast expertise to this schooling session.  This pair concentrates on creating better connection between the hand and leg, with Jan offering great insights into developing this essential contact.  The total running time of this two part video is 25:30. 

Video Description

We join Jan Bemelmans in this schooling session already in progress. They make sure the horse is in front of the leg and that he is supporting with the inside leg in the half pass. They perform a great line of twos and then ones before taking a break with a canter on a long rein. As he begins his trot work, Jan asks him to com over and shorten his stirrups a hole, explaining how this will help his sitting. They talk about his seat and how it affects the ride. Jan has him show him his piaffe and passage, and points out he needs better connection from the hindquarters to the rein.

Jan Bemelmans-GER
Jan Bemelmans is truly a rider/trainer with deep heart and soul for what he does! Originally from Belgium, now living in Germany. Currently the French Olympic Team Coach, after 15 years of coaching the Spanish team, helping them reach the highest level of

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