06/2015 - Debbie McDonald and Janet Foy - 4th level, Activity and Self Carriage

Janet Foy and Debbie McDonald help these two upper level horses with increasing activity and self carriage. The total running time of this three part video is 39:00. 

Video Description

Debbie starts out working with this horse in the canter, which can often improve the trot. She helps the rider feel on the reins what she is looking for by holding the reins at the bit at the halt. She asks for self carriage in the canter, with a responsive depart. Debbie encourages her to keep her shoulders back, but leave her arms forward. They ask for stretch in the collection and work on haunches in on a 12 meter circle, using the half halt on the outside rein. Debbie suggests they retrain the sensitivity to the leg. She uses the renvers to help with his tight back, and recommends trying different positions to help with this issue.

Debbie McDonald-USA
Perhaps the most decorated US horse and rider team attending the 2008 Olympic dressage competition is Debbie McDonald and Brentina. 2 time Olympian and numerous medals in other international competitions, such as the World Equestrian Games, World Cup, Pan

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