06/2015 - Chrissa Hoffman - Third Level, Forward

Chrissa Hoffman helps this rider use her seat aids to become more forward. The total running time of this three part video is 45:15.

Video Description

Chrissa Hoffman brings us a Third Level Canadian Warmblood owned and ridden by a long time student coming from the hunter world. This horse tends to be behind the leg as a result of the rider being tight, so Chrissa helps her with her breathing. They focus on keeping him forward which gives her a place to sit. Chrissa has her ride him from the pelvis, asking with a more aggressive seat to move his hind legs under him. They start with letting him stretch while keeping him in front of the leg. Going to the left he falls out to the right so they use counterflexion to help this. Chrissa points out that the worry should be the empty rein, not the one they are leaning on. They check that she catches the bend with the outside rein, and can also stretch him down. As they go to the canter, they work on getting him forward first. He kicks out at the leg aid, but they continue to keep him going forward. They make sure he isn’t balancing on the outside rail.

Chrissa Hoffmann-USA
USDF Gold Medalist and trainer of all breeds ranging from Warmbloods, Saddlebreds, Morgans, and Tb's...she has been training American Saddlebred, "Harry Callahan" who is the only American Saddlebred in the world competing and winning at the FEI levels...