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06/2013 - Dr. Ulf Moller - Training level, Contact and Bend

Dr. Ulf Moller works with a three year old mare and rider on contact and bend.

Video Description

This three year old mare has a terrific start. Dr. Moller asks the rider to keep the bit quiet in her mouth, and go very straight on the straight lines. In the trot walk trot transitions they keep the contact and come from behind into the bit. The next step is to make the transitions quicker.

Dr. Ulf Moller-GER
Dr Ulf Moller was born in 1962, he was one of the great auction riders, producing a string of very expensive horses for the famed Hanoverian Verband auction. Ulf was also the sales manager at the Hanoverian Auction stables in Verden and in 1998 he joined

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