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06/2013 - Colonel Christian Carde - PSG, True Lightness

Colonel Christian Carde discusses the foundation of lightness, contact and stretch in this essential video.

Video Description

Colonel Christian Carde rides this PSG gelding, telling us how at first he feels the horse against the rein, and how he rides the contact and asks for stretch. All these must be done with activity, the stretching begins from the engagement of the hind legs, and that this all be done from the snaffle. When this is accoplished in the walk, they repeat the exercises in the trot.

Colonel Christian Carde-FRA
Colonel Carde, the former director of the French National School at Saumur, Christian Carde is an FEI I judge and founder of ALLEGE-IDEAL, an international organization for promoting classically correct horses (with superb piaffe/passage transitions).