06/19/14 - Jan Bemelmans - Getting the correct response while schooling all the movements in the Grand Prix, keeping the horse active.

Jan Bemelmans works with this rider on responsiveness, activity in the gaits and staying in front of the leg through the GP movements. Activity, responsiveness, collection, tempi changes, using your corners, piaffe, passage, in front of the leg The total running time of this two part video is 31:30.

Video Description

Jan Bemelmans teaches this lesson in French, with translation. They begin by working on keeping the horse in front of the leg willingly and with activity in the hindquarters. They show a lovely half pass, and continue to work on a responsive collection. Jans talks about how important it is to do the simple things well, and how this will make the rest of the ride work. They continue to school transitions from collected canter to a forward canter with ever increasing responsiveness and quicker transitions. With improved collection they start the tempi changes, beginning with threes. Jan really emphasizes using the corners for collection, and going forward in the changes. They work the twos and ones, and then allow him a long and low canter around the ring to stretch.

Jan Bemelmans-GER
Jan Bemelmans is truly a rider/trainer with deep heart and soul for what he does! Originally from Belgium, now living in Germany. Currently the French Olympic Team Coach, after 15 years of coaching the Spanish team, helping them reach the highest level of

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