06/06/13 - Alfredo Hernandez - 4th level, Using Bamboo Pole & Changing the Balance

Alfredo Hernandez teaches a young rider to change the balance of her horse, and her trainer how to introduce the horse to working with the bamboo pole.


Video Description

As we join Alfredo Hernandez in this lesson, we get to see an immediate improvement on a horse who is irregular in the trot. He helps her change the balance of the horse and corrects her head movement as she sits the trot. Watch for a great example of someone effectively helping their horse to move better. This segment ends with Alfredo explaining to a trainer how to assist from the ground with the bamboo pole.

Alfredo Hernandez-USA
Piaffe and Passage specialist. Alfredo, originally from Portugal, specializes in the development of piaffe and passage training with high-level dressage horses. Alfredo says it's never too early to introduce horses to these advanced movements.