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05/22/14 - Nancy Later Lavoie - Bringing a horse back from an Injury

Nancy Later Lavoie joins us with a discussion about how to bring a horse back from injury.  With her great plan and insights you are sure to be a step ahead when rehabbing your own horse.  The total running time of this video is 12:15. 

Video Description

Nancy Later gives a talk on bringing a horse back from injury with insights into some of the challenges involved in the process. She covers how to deal with horse that is out of training for over a month and is excitable, and what ground training should have occurred before the injury ever happened so that it is easier to bring them back. She offers great suggestions for hand walking, and how to progress to the point where you can once again be in the saddle. Nancy talks about bringing them back through the trot and canter, and what some of the risks can be. Watch this great video for useful info on how to turn a tragedy into an opportunity for furthering your training.

Nancy Later-USA
Nancy is a USEF Bronze and Silver medalist and has had three horses on the Developing Horse List maintained by the United States Equestrian Team. In 1995, Nancy Later made the USET Team for the US Olympic Festival. She is currently having much success at

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