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05/2015 - Nancy Later - Training - Second Level, Balance and Neck Control

Nancy Later demonstrates effective riding for balance and neck control. The total running tim of this two part video is 25:30.

Video Description

Nancy brings us a lesson that concentrates on balance and neck control. She gives a great explanation of what the pressure should feel like in the reins and why. When the rider doesn't like the feel in the neck , Nancy suggests to fix it with their posture, not the reins. In the walk she makes sure the hind legs are stepping to the bit using her hips and legs. She checked that she is independently balanced from him, and he from her. As she canters she makes sure she sits still and fixes any problems in the neck by asking him to be more responsible with the haunches.

Nancy Later-USA
Nancy is a USEF Bronze and Silver medalist and has had three horses on the Developing Horse List maintained by the United States Equestrian Team. In 1995, Nancy Later made the USET Team for the US Olympic Festival. She is currently having much success at

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