05/2015 - Chriss Hoffman -4th Level, Bringing Bounce to the Trot

Chrissa Hoffman works with a rider on creating more bounce in the trot.  The total running time of this three part video is 41:45.

Video Description

Chrissa works with her student on an 8 year old PRE who is declared for the Pan Am Games for Canada. They begin to warm up and work on keeping the walk soft in the top line and relaxed. The rider uses her pelvis to swing with the horse to keep him from just moving his legs. Chrissa talks about the difficulty of being competitive at the top levels of dressage with horses other than warmbloods, and how correct this pair must be to be competitive. The rider demonstrates clearly how to use the seat to ask for more bounce and height in the trot. We get to see how much the rider can affect the gaits

Chrissa Hoffmann-USA
USDF Gold Medalist and trainer of all breeds ranging from Warmbloods, Saddlebreds, Morgans, and Tb's...she has been training American Saddlebred, "Harry Callahan" who is the only American Saddlebred in the world competing and winning at the FEI levels...