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05/2015 - Catherine Haddad -PSG, Learning to be a Trainer

Catherine Haddad has a demo rider demonstrate her training methods, including the correct seat and aids, teaching lead changes, and the beginnings of passage.  The total running time of this two part video is 31:00.

Video Description

Catherine gives this open training day to the students of Lendon Gray, and invites them to stand on their chairs momentarily to see how the loins of this horse move. She points out that your saddle should never interfere with this movement. The gelding had an accident where his tail was broken, resulting in a different carriage of his tail. As we watch the warm up, Catherine emphasizes that the horses have to be straight, and the riders need to have elastic arms with a soft contact. She talks about how they use their aids to guide their horses as her demo rider shows a developed seat with great connection. She has the rider demonstrate how which direction she looks can affect the horse. By changing the way she sits she gets a down transition. Catherine demonstrates how the pelvis of the rider moves differently for the trot and canter.

Catherine Haddad-Staller-USA
Catherine Haddad, a member of the US Team many times over, World Cup, WEG, Olympic Trials competitor. Catherine currently trains on the east coast and in Florida during season, previously living and training out of her farm in Vechta, Germany, for many ma

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