05/2014 - Chrissa Hoffman - PSG -GP, Acceptance of the Bit, Advanced Trng.

Chrissa Hoffman rides and demonstrates the piaffe, passage, tempi changes and half passes on her eight year old gelding, Scrabble.  

Video Description

Chrissa Hoffman brings us another ride on Scrabble, a now eight year old. We last saw him as a five year old in another video on this website called “3/24/2012, Warming Up, Lateral Exercises & Canter Exercises for the Young Horse”. He is currently competing in the Developing Horse classes. Chrissa talks about the areas she is working on with him in his showing career. While he shows great suspension and uses his back well, the struggle is with the neck when he braces and doesn’t accept the bit. She is looking for him to soften through the contact. We first watch them warm up. In the canter she asks for a forward and loose canter with a falling neck rather than him going up and down. As they begin their work in the canter, she makes sure he is up in the neck and supple. They school the changes and the fours, and they have a few issues with the croup going high in some changes. Catherine shows how she rides through this issue. They then ride the threes and school threes all the way around the arena.

Chrissa Hoffmann-USA
USDF Gold Medalist and trainer of all breeds ranging from Warmbloods, Saddlebreds, Morgans, and Tb's...she has been training American Saddlebred, "Harry Callahan" who is the only American Saddlebred in the world competing and winning at the FEI levels...