05/2014 - Alfredo Hernandez - GP, One time tempi changes

Alfredo Hernandez schools the one-one transitions to develop the tempi changes.  

Video Description

We join this lesson after the warm up, and Alfredo has the rider performing passage canter passage transitions. This obviously highly educated pair start by showing us collected work, and Alfredo schools them on riding corners. Watch this pair for phenomenal collection into the corner to a quarter pirouette, followed by the half pass in collection. They also work on half pirouettes, and the horse offers a lead change afterwards, so they work on keeping the counter canter in the corners. When they go to the tempi changes, Alfredo first asks for one-ones which provides a bit of a struggle.

Alfredo Hernandez-USA
Piaffe and Passage specialist. Alfredo, originally from Portugal, specializes in the development of piaffe and passage training with high-level dressage horses. Alfredo says it's never too early to introduce horses to these advanced movements.