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05/2012- Lammert Haanstra, Basic Training in Lunging

Mr. Haanstra explains that before lunging any horse he makes sure that the horse leads well and is thinking forward.  The demo horse is frisky, and Lammert allows him to go forward until he relaxes. This is a good video to show how to lunge and understand the purpose and expected responses. 

Video Description

Mr. Haanstra brings us a demonstration on lunging. He begins by describing the carriage of the horse, and how the horse needs to move to carry the rider.

Lammert Haanstra-NED
After having been an Instructor at the Hippische Federatie (National Board for Equine Education) for 18 years he was asked to take charge of the daily affairs at the new FPC Friese Paarden Centrum at Drachten. Haanstra is a respected trainer and clinician

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