05/08/14 - Haddad - Collective Marks - Rider, how to improve score

Catherine Haddad explains the Rider mark in the Collectives.  The total running time of this video is 12 minutes.

Video Description

Catherine Haddad continues this series of videos on the Collective Marks with the mark for the Rider. She begins by explaining that the rider creates the other three collective marks: submission, impulsion and gaits. She explains what she looks for that would be reflected in the rider score. (Make sure you watch for her big tip on improving your impulsion score!) Her demo rider rides a five year old mare that needs a bit of encouragement to go forward. She shows a great seat to hand connection and a good frame for the level of the horse. As she rides, Catherine points out the qualities that would give her a good rider score. She points out the correct knee position to ride effectively, and then has the rider lengthen her stirrups and demonstrate the typical position riders try to ride in When they put the stirrups back, Catherine explains why having the knee more forward is so important in sitting in the correct place on the horse.

Catherine Haddad-Staller-USA
Catherine Haddad, a member of the US Team many times over, World Cup, WEG, Olympic Trials competitor. Catherine currently trains on the east coast and in Florida during season, previously living and training out of her farm in Vechta, Germany, for many ma

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