04/22/15 - Gareth Hughes - 2nd-4th level, Trot Half Pass

Gareth Hughes rides and demonstrates the tools needed for the trot half pass. The total running time of this two part video is 26:45.

Video Description

Gareth Hughes brings us an 11 year old stallion to show how to train for the trot half pass. He discussed what lateral work he trains before introducing the half pass while explaining it’s the first lateral movement where the horse has to move in the direction that they’re bending. He makes sure the horse is moving off his leg in the trot and isn’t pushing against the inside leg before asking for the shoulder fore. He first asks for flexion to the inside and then moves into the shoulder fore. Gareth presents his systematic method of introducing the half pass, beginning with the horse understanding they can go forward while relaxing around the inside leg. He starts by riding the long diagonal, softening around the inside leg and making a slight banana shape.

Gareth Hughes- UK
Garth Hughes has trained with many of the best, including 10 years with Carl Hester. He has produced many horses to Grand Prix, including Classic Sandman, Nurejev, Ramazzotti, Duvie and DV Stenkjers Nadonna. He has won many National and International ti