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04/2015 - Nicholas Fyffe - 1st Level, Conviction and Intention

Nicholas Fyffe helps this rider with stretching and lengthenings as well as her conviction when using the aids. The total running time of this four part video is 50:00.

Video Description

Nicholas reviews their ride from the previous day where they had discovered a noseband that didn’t fit correctly and a saddle that should be refitted. The rider asks about the proper contact for stretching. Since they are just learning this skill, Nicholas has them begin rounder until they reach a stage where he lowers his neck when she picks up the reins. They first work on halts where he submits and remains round. He suggests that she play with him to get him round going into the halt rather than halting and fixing his roundness. As she gets him rounder, Nicholas has her lower the neck and stretch with contact. They work on halting round and then walking on without stepping back. He has her step into the trot while being conscious of the steadiness of her hands.

Nicholas Fyffe - AUS
Australian Dressage Team, winner of 2007 Tri Nations Cup, Johannesburg - long listed 2008 Beijing Olympics, Prix St Georges Cup in Melbourne, Australian National Dressage Elite Squad