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04/2015 - Janet Foy and Debbie McDonald - Training Level 1 and 2

Janet Foy and Debbie McDonald deconstruct the skills needed for Training Level 1 and 2.  The total running time of this four part video is  49:45.

Video Description

Janet Foy and Debbie McDonald begin this session by answering some question from the auditors including teeth grinding and head tilting and their cause, as well as defining some terms. Janet explains her methodology for scoring tests and points out the information that is available to the rider in the directives on the test and in the rule book. Janet then talks about the 20 meter circle required in Training 1 and 2, and where the touch points should b for the circle. She offers great tips for riding the test as the first rider begins and then gives scores for the movement and explains why she gives them.

Debbie McDonald-USA
Perhaps the most decorated US horse and rider team attending the 2008 Olympic dressage competition is Debbie McDonald and Brentina. 2 time Olympian and numerous medals in other international competitions, such as the World Equestrian Games, World Cup, Pan

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