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04/2015 - Dr. Ulf Moller - 2nd Level, Corners, Transitions, Bend, Balance

Dr. Ulf Moller helps this pair with corners, accurate transitions with bend, and balance.  The total running time of this two part video is 28:00.

Video Description

Dr. Moller has this rider ask for more inside bend from her five year old as they begin to help with her looking. He talks about the Young Horse tests that are used universally, and what the warm up should accomplish. He explains the use of corners and how to use the aids to ride better corners. Dr. Moller asks them to keep the forward as they bend and never use more outside rein than inside rein. The importance of corners and riding them correctly is explained. He offers advice about using small mistakes as moments to communicate with the horse.

Dr. Ulf Moller-GER
Dr Ulf Moller was born in 1962, he was one of the great auction riders, producing a string of very expensive horses for the famed Hanoverian Verband auction. Ulf was also the sales manager at the Hanoverian Auction stables in Verden and in 1998 he joined

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