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04/2014 - Debbie McDonald -3rd level, Working Through Unsteadiness

Debbie McDonald brings exercises to improve steadiness in the bridle.  

Video Description

This marvelous pair warms up with Debbie, and she asks them for a little more forward. When they ask him to come back, Debbie has her think about his top line and stretching so that he does not become up and down in the collected canter. After the warm up, the first trot becomes passagey, so they ask him to go more forward, then move on to haunches and shoulder in. When he leans on the inside leg, Debbie has her leg yield away from that leg before asking for the trot half pass. They work on the alignment of the shoulders and haunches in the half pass. Watch for the extraordinary walk when they return to the walk. Debbie asks for more stretch in the walk trot transitions.

Debbie McDonald-USA
Perhaps the most decorated US horse and rider team attending the 2008 Olympic dressage competition is Debbie McDonald and Brentina. 2 time Olympian and numerous medals in other international competitions, such as the World Equestrian Games, World Cup, Pan

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