04/2013 - Dani Dockx -I1, Forward, responsivness, half pass, passage

Dani Dockx works with an I1 stallion on being forward, responsive to the aids, half pass and passage.

Video Description

Dani Dockx conducts a lesson with a Lusitano stallion competing at I1 beginning with a lovely forward trot. He asks for the canter to go forward and collect, go forward and collect while keeping the contact. The medium canter is conservative, so they work on making it bigger.

Daniel Martin Dockx-ESP
Fresh from the 2012 Olympics, Mr. Dockx rides for the Spanish team. Jose Daniel Martin Dockx lives in Mijas, Spain, outside of Malaga. He has trained and successfully competed many PREs and warmbloods from start to Grand Prix. Some of his riding distincti