03/27/14- Helen Langehanenberg -GP, Relaxation, Changes, Half Halt, Zig-Zag

Helen Langehanenberg rides Rohujewl showing the importance of relaxation and working with what the horse offers, including piaffe and passage.  

Video Description

Helen Langehanenberg joins us with Rohjuwel OLD, a 10 year old competing at the S level. As they warm up she asks him to be relaxed in the trot, with the nose deep and long, stretching towards the bit, working from behind. She explains what she looks for as she warms up to prepare them for their work. After accomplishing the desired relaxation in the trot, she moves on to the canter. She makes sure she isn’t forcing the horse, but that he is offering what she asks. He becomes fresh, so she uses her half halts and then gives, allowing for stretch and relaxation. Watch for a beautiful example of relaxation before the walk break. She begins the work in the canter because he likes it the best. She explains her strategy for training sessions to keep the horse interested. She checks his willingness to go forward when she gives the reins without losing balance, as well as how he is collecting, before moving on to the canter half passes, flying changes, and canter zig zags.

Helen Langehanenberg-GER
Fresh from the 2012 Olympics as part of the silver medal winning German team, famed for her light bridle contact, invisible aids and flawless seat; when Helen Langehanenberg enters a ring riding the gorgeous stallion Damon Hill the spectators are in for a