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03/2015 - Nicholas Fyffe - 4th Level/ PSG, Stretchy Trot and Clean Changes

Nicholas Fyffe helps this pair with the stretchy trot and clean changes.  The total running time of this two part video is 27:30.

Video Description

Nicholas has worked with this pair before, and they review their past goals and make a plan for this ride. They begin with a stretchy trot and going to the right they work on getting him to let go and become more supple behind the saddle. The horse shows excellent stretch, and they have a great discussion about whether this exercise causes the horse to go on the forehand. As they go to the collected walk, Nicholas encourages the rider to be clear with the aids and use them sparingly. In the canter they work towards a more uphill frame. They school serpentines and half passes.

Nicholas Fyffe - AUS
Australian Dressage Team, winner of 2007 Tri Nations Cup, Johannesburg - long listed 2008 Beijing Olympics, Prix St Georges Cup in Melbourne, Australian National Dressage Elite Squad