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03/2015 - Nancy Later - All Levels, Creating Balance

Nancy Later brings exercises and insights into building balance in your horse.  The total running time of this four part video is 01:02:00.

Video Description

Nancy Later guides us through a session on creating balance in your horse and shifting them off the forehand. She covers the use of the leg in the walk and how to use it to encourage him to be more forward and almost trot. They next do the leg yield in the walk, and Nancy points out when to apply the aid for the most effect. She emphasizes that they start with a good walk and keep it in the leg yield, with the same obedience off of both legs.

Nancy Later-USA
Nancy is a USEF Bronze and Silver medalist and has had three horses on the Developing Horse List maintained by the United States Equestrian Team. In 1995, Nancy Later made the USET Team for the US Olympic Festival. She is currently having much success at

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