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03/2013 - Juan Manual Munoz Diaz - PSG, Balance and Collection

Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz gives brilliant instruction in piaffe, passage, flying changes and canter pirouettes. 

Video Description

Juan asks this rider for trot canter trot transitions on a big circle for a horse that is tense and needs to relax. While cantering they ask for a change of bend back and forth while making sure the neck is open and the canter not too collected. Going to the left he asks for shoulder in. As he canters forward down the long side, Juan asks for more jump. In collecting on the circle, they work for more canter on the spot.

Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz-ESP
Olympian and clear crowd favorite, Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz is based in Seville and is presently considered one of the most accomplished riders of PRE horses, the Spanish team and throughout the world. Strongly remembered for his 2010 World Equestrian Game