03/2013 - Christoph Hess -4th level Relaxation and Stretching, working pirouette and half steps

Christoph Hess tutors a talented pair in stretching into the contact, the working canter pirouette and half steps.


Video Description

As they warm up in a stretchy trot, Mr. Hess has them do a slight shoulder in on the circle while remaining on the snaffle rein. He explains about the use of the inside leg and outside rein to encourage the stretch. They work on lengthening the neck during the ride.

Christoph Hess-GER
Christoph Hess has worked for the German Equestrian Federations training department since 1978 and is presently Director of Training and Education at the German Olympic Committee. He is also an FEI Level 3 (I) judge for Dressage and Eventing. He is act