03/20/13 - Alfredo Hernandez - PSG, Piaffe and Passage Intro

Alfredo Hernandez teaches a student and her six year old gelding the beginnings of piaffe and passage.

Video Description

Alfredo explains that the rider has provided a good base to work from by doing the half steps and then walking rather than trotting. They use the side rail of the fence to begin the piaffe walk with assistance from Alfredo on the ground. When the horse is unsure of this, Alfredo helps her work through the resistance while keeping the contact. They ask for relaxation as the horse figures out what is being asked of him.

Alfredo Hernandez-USA
Piaffe and Passage specialist. Alfredo, originally from Portugal, specializes in the development of piaffe and passage training with high-level dressage horses. Alfredo says it's never too early to introduce horses to these advanced movements.