03/10/16 - Helen Langehanenberg - Listening to the Aids PSG, canter half pass, flying changes, tempi changes, canter pirouette, trot half pass

Helen Langehanenberg rides a phenomenal PSG gelding working through the movements at PSG The total running time of this video is 16:15.

Video Description

Helen Langehanenberg rides a seven year old PSG gelding who has already had the chance to warm up, so they jump right into the canter work. They perform half pass to the flying change before one in each direction with a change between. Helen makes sure he is waiting for her aids for the half pass. The first diagonal of flying changes is without counting, and they go on to do fours. After a walk break she starts the canter pirouettes by doing haunches in on the circle. She demonstrates great steps to building a correct pirouette with activity. She repeats the exercise to the other side, and then allows him to move freely forward in the canter before a walk break. They next work on the trot, preparing the trot first with a swinging, active trot. Once she checks he’s on the aids she rides the shoulder in freely forward. They also ride the half pass, checking that she can make changes with in the gait as well as allow him to carry himself. They end the ride with a stretchy trot.

Helen Langehanenberg-GER
Fresh from the 2012 Olympics as part of the silver medal winning German team, famed for her light bridle contact, invisible aids and flawless seat; when Helen Langehanenberg enters a ring riding the gorgeous stallion Damon Hill the spectators are in for a