02/2014 - Chrissa Hoffman - GP Focus on the Contact

Chrissa Hoffman rides Scrabble in the third video for DTO, focusing on keeping the contact as they school for Grand Prix.  The total running time of this three part video is 48:00.

Video Description

Chrissa presents Scrabble in his third video on DTO. We last saw him a year ago in the video “Acceptance of the Bit, Advanced Trng”, and before that in 2012 in a video called “3/24/12, Warming Up, Lateral Exercises& Canter Exercises for the Young Horse.” Chrissa is taking a year off of showing him to train for the Grand Prix. With his flat croup he sometimes goes croup high, so Chrissa shows us how she brings out the best in him. They stretch in the beginning without allowing him to go too low. She discusses the frame she warms up in, and how she does not hold him in this frame but lets him find what is comfortable. As they move to the canter, Chrissa uses lateral work and counter canter to check that nothing changes in the contact, rhythm or frame. When he braces in the neck going to the left she demonstrates how she deals with this.

Chrissa Hoffmann-USA
USDF Gold Medalist and trainer of all breeds ranging from Warmbloods, Saddlebreds, Morgans, and Tb's...she has been training American Saddlebred, "Harry Callahan" who is the only American Saddlebred in the world competing and winning at the FEI levels...