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02/05/14 - Nicholas Fyffe - Second Level, Contact With Elasticity

Nicholas Fyffe shows this rider the importance of contact with elasticity.  The total running time of this three part video is 46:30.

Video Description

Nicholas Fyffe works with a quarter horse currently schooling Second Level, and they discuss what the rider would like to work on first. He talks about why she rides with a whip but no spurs, and why he uses the spurs he does. They first work on showing a consistent contact with elasticity. When he lowers his neck the contact varies, and Nicholas has her create a more forward walk. They show a beautiful trot and then he asks her to lower his neck and lengthen the reins.

Nicholas Fyffe - AUS
Australian Dressage Team, winner of 2007 Tri Nations Cup, Johannesburg - long listed 2008 Beijing Olympics, Prix St Georges Cup in Melbourne, Australian National Dressage Elite Squad