02/05/14 - Daniel Dockx - Young Grand Prix Horse, Passage, Piaffe, Pirouettes, Tempi changes

Daniel Dockx works with a pair schooling tempi changes, canter pirouettes, passage and piaffe. The total running time of this two part video is 32:45.

Video Description

Daniel Dockx teaches a lesson with a PSG PRE, showing us a normal day of work and their schooling of the piaffe and passage on the way to Grand Prix. They begin by stretching him down with an open neck, and Daniel encourages her to stretch him forward when he curls. In the trot they work on transitions with in the gait, collecting and then going forward without becoming too short. They show shoulder in on a circle and then half pass in the trot, always encouraging an open neck The piaffe is first followed by passage on a circle which he shows quite a talent for.

Daniel Martin Dockx-ESP
Fresh from the 2012 Olympics, Mr. Dockx rides for the Spanish team. Jose Daniel Martin Dockx lives in Mijas, Spain, outside of Malaga. He has trained and successfully competed many PREs and warmbloods from start to Grand Prix. Some of his riding distincti