01/29/15 - Hilda Gurney - 3 year old Training, Diving Onto The Hand, Using Different Bits

Hilda Gurney talks through how she picked the bit for this three year old gelding who doesn’t like tongue pressure. Watch this great video to see how she solves this problem and how she teaches him not to dive onto the bit. Mullen Mouth Bit. The total running time of this video is 9:30.

Video Description

Hilda works with a three year old gelding who doesn’t like tongue pressure and talks about what bits they have tried with him. He tends to dive down and Hilda explains about what they do teach him to accept the contact.

Hilda Gurney-USA
2-time Olympian, 9-time PanAmerican Gamer, Hilda Gurney has been an enthusiastic participant for more than three decades in the phenomenal growth of her favorite equestrian discipline, dressage. She is also an Olympic medalist and FEI Judge

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